Youth Group

Who's It For?

Our youth group is for all Middle and High school students. 

When Does It Meet?

Our youth group gets together 2 Friday evenings each month, as well as one Sunday morning each month. We also randomly plan hikes, beach days, game nights, and other hang-out activities. 

What Do We Do?

We study the Bible, pray for each other, eat a bunch, and generally get to know each other through fun games and activities. We spent all last year studying through the book of John together! 

Who Leads This?

Our Youth Ministry Director is Kelsie Caudill. She’s raised up a team of 5-6 additional youth workers from the members of our church. They’re a tight-knit team who love spending time together and with the youth of our church. 

What Are The Goals Of The Youth Group?

Our goals are to create an atmosphere at our gatherings where our Middle and High Schoolers can feel comfortable and excited about wrestling through their faith, learning more about Jesus, and truly caring for and enjoying each other. We also want to see our youth serving in our church, and encourage them toward life-long local church commitment. 

Get In Touch

If you’d like more info on the Youth Group or have questions, you can email Kelsie Caudill here: