We’re All Tempted To Betray Jesus

by Sep 10, 2018

In Mark 14 we see ALL of Jesus’ closest friends drop Jesus like a fad. They openly argue against what he’s saying, fall asleep when he asked them to stay awake with him, betray him for money, and then completely run away from him when he gets arrested. Jesus’ disciples are flaky, selfish, and have very, very weak faith.  

And they show each us that apart from God’s grace, we’d all betray Jesus and dessert him too. 

So how can we hope not to betray Jesus like these guys? If this is how all Jesus’ disciples act, what hope do we have? 

Look at what he prays in the garden in Mark 14:35: “He went a little farther, fell to the ground, and prayed that if it were possible, the hour might pass from him. And he said, “’Abba’, Father! All things are possible for you. Take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, not what I will, but what you will. 

The first thing Jesus did was that he honestly talked with God. Jesus confessed that he was struggling and in agony. He confessed that this plan that he and His Father have for the salvation of the world was coming to it’s most intense moment, and Jesus was saying, “God if there’s ANY other way that people can be saved, can we do that way? Can you take this cup that I’m about to drink away from me?” What’s going on in your life, what agony, that you need to confess to God? You need to confess how you feel, confess your struggle and pain. Maybe you need to spend some time in prayer this morning confessing to God how you really feel in life, the pain, disappointment, confusion that’s deep in your heart. That’s what Jesus did. And in his most difficult moment, he stayed very, very close to God. 

Secondly, Jesus rested in God’s love. He starts out his prayer with “Abba, Father.” Abba was a name that little kids would use with their Father, like calling him daddy. Even though Jesus knew what was about to happen, he rested in the fact that God was his daddy. He believed that God loved him, even when it felt like it didn’t. Maybe it doesn’t feel like God loves you with what He’s got you going through in life right now. But he does. He loves you like a good Father loves his little kid. Believe it. Believe it, even if you don’t feel it.

The third thing Jesus does is he trusts God’s plan. Jesus prays “Not my will, but yours be done.” He’s honest and says there’s a way that he wished his life would go that doesn’t end at this cross. He’s saying, “I’d like to have some different plans for my life than you have for it God.” But ultimately he trusted God’s plan. He trusted that it was best. Do you trust God’s plan for your life? Do you trust that where he has you right now is what’s best for you? Do you trust that where he’s taking you is best for you? 

Jesus kept talking about this cup. He asked if God could take this cup away from him, so that he wouldn’t have to drink it. That cup refers to God’s wrath. God’s wrath is his anger and punishment for sin, rebellion, and betrayal against him. When Jesus went to the cross, he knew that he’d have to drink that cup. He knew that God would punish him for the sins of all of God’s people forever. Jesus was about to be punished for real sins that you and I commit every day. And he trusted that this plan was best. 

We, you and I, filled that cup up. Imagine having to drink it yourself; having it poured out on you forever. 

Jesus drank it for you. It was completely poured out on him on the cross. Jesus drank the cup of God’s wrath for people who would reject and betray him like you and me. There’s not a drop left for you now.