Ephesians Sermon Series

by May 17, 2017

Ephesians is all about Jesus. Ephesians is all about the church. Ephesians is all about the mystery of Christ and the church (5:32). Ephesians is rich in doctrine in chapters 1-3, and powerfully practical in chapters 4-6. Ephesians is packed full with a message that all churches throughout history need. Ephesians is overflowing with a message that Harbor Church West Oahu needs right now. Because in Ephesians, we see that God cares about the unity of the church, the diversity of the church, the way the church lives, and relationships within the church. I’m praying that through this series God would transform us more and more into a church that reflects Jesus well and lives out God’s call to be the church in West Oahu.

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly the point of the church is, and even thought that the church is an out-dated institution that we really don’t need anymore, please join us for this series. We’ll see what God says about the church, why we exist, and what we’re supposed to be doing as a community of Jesus followers.